Editor in Chief

Ana Faguy, ’19

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Journalism and Leadership Ethics and Organizational Sustainability (LEO)

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Interviewing the two candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General

Favorite memory of The Hawk: Getting to eat dinner with Walter Robinson from the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, the journalists who exposed the sexual assault scandal in the Catholic Church

Fun fact: I’ve lived in five states.

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Twitter: @AnaFaguy

Managing Editor

Nick Mandarano, ’18

Major(s): Mathematics

Minor(s): Spanish

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: My story on Isaiah Miles’ breakout season and NBA potential

Favorite memory of The Hawk: The staff field trip to a journalism conference in Washington, D.C. 

Fun fact: I swam in Ernest Hemingway’s pool.

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Twitter: @nmandarano

Copy Chief

Rose Weldon,  ’19

Major(s): Communications

Minor(s): Journalism

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Interviewing Oscar-winner Danny Boyle when he came to Philadelphia to promote T2 Trainspotting last spring

Fun fact: I was once called for jury duty and was picked as a juror, but didn’t have to serve.

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Twitter: @RoseByAnyName11

Assistant Copy

Hayley Burns,  ’20

Major(s): International Business/Marketing

Minor(s): Spanish

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News Editor

Charley Rekstis, ’20

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Journalism

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Profile on Charles Reilly, ’50

Favorite memory of The Hawk: Interviewing James Maguire ’58 in his office.

Fun fact: I am named after Charlotte Brontë.

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Twitter: @CharleyRekstis

Assistant News Editor

Alex Mark, ’20

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Spanish

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Ghost Tours!

Fun fact: I’m from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Twitter: @alex_mark97

Assistant News Editor

Alex Karpinski, 20

Major(s): Finance

Minor(s): Journalism

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Economic diversity at St. Joe’s

Fun fact: I try to eat McDonald’s at least once a day, in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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Twitter: @AKarpinskiHawk

Assistant Opinions Editor

Dominique Joe, ’19

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Spanish

Fun fact: I was born about 5 months early at 1 lb 5 oz. I was small enough to fit in my parents’ hands and now I’m 6 ft tall.

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Editorial Page Editor

Ann Marie Maloney, ’18

Major(s): Political Science

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: An opinion piece I wrote about the importance of voting in local elections, centered around the Democratic primary election for Philadelphia District Attorney

Fun fact: I have only one wisdom tooth.

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Twitter: @Ann_M_Maloney

Lifestyle Editor

Amber Denham, 18

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Communications and Journalism

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: A piece I wrote about St. Joe’s first poetry slam and interviewed poets Olivia Gatwood and Ashlee Haze

Fun fact: I (almost) met Bruce Springsteen at the Devon Horse Show when I was younger.

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Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Emily Graham, 20

Major(s): Communications

Minor(s): Spanish

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: A piece I wrote about the Philadelphia Mural Arts “Monument Lab,” a series of temporary monuments set up around the city

Fun fact: Jesse McCartney brought me on stage when he performed at St. Joe’s.

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Twitter: @emgraham26

Sports Editor

Alex Hargrave, 20

Major(s): English and Communications

Minor(s): Entertainment Marketing

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: My story about Professor Coyne’s “Running to write” English class

Favorite memory of The Hawk: Sitting on press row for the first time

Fun fact: I was in a commercial for a bridal store.

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Twitter: @alexhargrave9

Assistant Sports Editor

Nick Karpinski, 20

Major(s): English

Minor(s): International Business

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: My story on Avery Marz’s recovery from a stroke

Fun fact: I know every Kanye West lyric.

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Twitter: @NickKarpinski

Creative Director

Kaitlyn Patterson, 20

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Spanish

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: As stressful as it was, I enjoyed putting together the Commencement Issue for graduation.

Fun fact: I have climbed (on) the pyramids in Egypt.

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Twitter: @kwirlyb

Photo Editor

Luke Malanga, ’20

Major(s): Sports Marketing

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Designing a front-page graphic of Barbelin

Fun fact: I’m a twin.

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Twitter: @lmal1997

Social Media Manager

Kelly Smith, ’19

Major(s): Communications

Minor(s): Advertising & Promotions and Art

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Creating new graphics for the special issues

Fun Fact: Once, the Queen of England rode past me and my friends in a horse-drawn carriage and waved back at us.

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Twitter: @kelly_smith19

Assistant Social Media Manager

Erin Castellano, ’20

Major(s): English and Communications

Fun fact: I have been to Disney World more times than my age.

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Twitter: @erin_castellano

Distribution Manager

Addie Guyer, ’19

Major(s): Accounting and Food Marketing

Minor(s): Finance

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Testing Sudoku and crossword puzzles during production

Fun fact: I used to be left-handed, but switched to using my right hand when I was trying to be more like my brother.

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Twitter: @addieee_guyer

Business Manager

Jarrett Hurms, ’18

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Business Intelligence & Analytics and English

Favorite assignment on The Hawk: Handling the logistics of the 2017 commencement issue

Favorite memory of The Hawk: All of the great discussions during the editorial meetings

Fun fact: I got a tattoo on April Fool’s Day

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Twitter: @jchurms96