Renovations create chaos

Sign in Target about the renovations taking place (Photo by Maura Donnelly '20).
Written by Maura Donnelly

Upgrades in Target  make it difficult to shop

The Target located at 400 Monument Road, which is frequented by Saint Joseph’s University students, is months into renovations that cause  havoc for shoppers.  

“Inventory at the store has dwindled during renovations, and the store is not able to fully keep up with its usual demand,” said store manager Kirk Tanner. “Since summer the store has been re-organized, and walls have been knocked down and given a fresh coat of paint.”

The overall downside to the construction is the confusion that it causes shoppers.

“It’s really confusing to find stuff,” said Christine Porcaro ’20. “The bread is with all of the travel stuff, but the rest of the food is on the other side of the store.”

Tanner said that confusion has been the biggest complaint he has received from customers. But customers are also unhappy that the store isn’t stocking what it used to.

“If someone goes to get something, and it’s not there, they often get annoyed,” he said.

For some St. Joe’s customers, this inconvenience  means shopping elsewhere for their groceries.

“I’ve had to start outsourcing for most of the stuff I would buy there,” said Emma Patragnoi ’20. “They just don’t carry everything I need anymore. I’ve had to start going to ACME and Trader Joe’s. I don’t really want produce that comes from the candle aisle.”

Tanner said that the store has tried to offset problems by increasing the number of self-checkouts and making employees more available for help. He also explained that with the expansion of the store and the placement of new products, Target shoppers can hope for a more eclectic experience in the store.

“One of the things the renovations emphasize is an increase in apparel, groceries and home furnishings,” Tanner said. “A lot of our customers come to Target for those items, and we wanted to increase the selection.”

Renovations are expected to be completed by mid-November.

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