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Six seniors share their mantras

Words are some of the most powerful tools we have at our fingertips. They have the ability to make us laugh, cry and evoke both the most raw and most simplistic of emotions. They help to shape us into the people we dream of becoming, as exciting and terrifying as that may seem.

As the Class of 2017 goes into the world, they take with them their own personal words that have impacted them throughout their time on Hawk Hill.

“Life is a learning curve. As a type-A personality (and someone who takes criticism poorly), I’ve had to learn to let go of perfection. Not every day is going to be the most productive, not every weekend is going to be the most thrilling ever, not every idea I have is going to be original, not every friendship
is going to last, etc. Realizing that I’m a work in progress puts everything in perspective. Like, freshman me would be so, so proud of senior me, and I plan on keeping up with that progressive trend.”

–Niki VanAller

“What is so special about St. Joe’s is the students that comprise our community. So my mantra is to take the time to get to know every single person who may cross your path. I learned a lot inside the classroom, but I learned even more from watching the people around me grow and change during the past four years.”

–Grace Kocubinski

“I live by Pedro Arrupe’s quote, ‘fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything’ as a way to keep my passions ignited and know that by putting love into everything I do, great things can be accomplished.”

–Aly Homan

“My mantra is, ‘chill out, you’re just one person. My time in college has greatly influenced this mantra. Take it easy, set respectable and modest goals, be yourself and success will probably follow you. I’m not saying don’t push yourself to become better, but don’t set wild expectations for yourself. Be the best you can be and you’ll find satisfaction. By remembering ‘you’re just one person,’ you can view the things you do from an unbiased perspective. I firmly believe that living and acting this way is the best thing you can do for those around you.

–Isaac Schiller

“My mantra is ‘Everyone moves at different speeds- some people move faster than others, but we will all eventually find our optimal speed.’ We’re led to believe that people start their lives by unpredictable circumstances determining who they become. Students at SJU come from all different backgrounds. It’s awesome that college allows people to come with a clean slate. First I was a chemistry major, and a er three semesters I impulsively switched to a music major. I’ve loved music my entire life. If there’s anything I leave this university with, I can genuinely say I’m proud of the person I’ve become.”

–Ian Hocson

“Do what truly fulfills you, work hard, get up when you’re knocked down, share joy and love with others and have fun. It’s a challenge to find a balance, but I try to work hard at what I love to do.”

–Ray Akers

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