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Memories that we will always carry as Hawks

Another spring semester has flown by and it’s time to send off another graduating class into the professional world. Class of 2017, we believe in your abilities. You’re equipped with the skills to carry compassion and knowledge into the world. We have faith that you will always look back on these years with fondness: Barbelin beach, the joys of Campion food and of course, the resilience of Hawk spirit. Together, all these little moments make up your years on Hawk Hill.

No matter what class year you are, we all can reminisce on a time at St. Joe’s that brings love into our hearts and minds. Whether you are a freshman pointing to a moment that jumpstarted your four years here, or you are a senior looking back at college life, we all have something to share.

As a kind of send off, we wanted to share some of our favorite times here. For those of you preparing to depart St. Joe’s and do something greater, we wish you the best of luck. Never forget that you will always have ties to this university, and carry these memories as part of this adventure we call college.


My favorite memory on Hawk Hill is…


…joining The Hawk. Since that first day, I haven’t been able to stay away. Everyday I feel like I am making a difference; there is no better feeling than that. -Ana Faguy

…when Pope Francis visited Philadelphia. There was such an exciting energy on campus the entire weekend and that was awesome to be a part of. It was such a great way to start my freshman year.             -Sam Henry

The time I had to draw a nude model for an art class. I remember feeling so embarrassed, but now it’s one of my favorite stories to tell and it always gets a lot of laughs. -Vivian Milan

…Quizzo at Landmark. Never regretted  going. -Mark De Leon

…the first time I hung out on Villiger Lawn. My friends from my suite became friends with my friends from home, and we became one big friend group. It was our first memory together, and I won’t forget it. -Charley Rekstis

…joining the Writing Center. It was one of the first times I really felt like I had made a home for myself on Hawk Hill and found a place with such acceptance. Now I get to help people every session and it fills my heart with such joy. -Victoria Tralies

…designing the Crimson & Gray literary magazine. I’m thankful that I was able to work with a great group of editors and create such a unique composition. -Brittany Swift

…putting on a great Night of Scenes with Followed by a Bear last fall. Seeing the work that all 30 of us put into it pay off was incredible. -Rose Weldon

…when I had the opportunity as a cheerleader to travel across the country to Spokane, Wash.  to cheer on the men’s basketball team in the NCAA March Madness tournament. -Franki Rudnesky

…when I saw Kobe Bryant at Larry’s last year. My roommates and I stole his tray as he was leaving and it’s still in our freezer. -Nick Mandarano

…joining the editorial board of The Hawk. The atmosphere is great and I love creating something so awesome with such great people. -Alex Hargrave

…traveling to Reading Terminal Market during Orientation. It was my first time exploring Philadelphia, and I loved everything about it. -Becky Hartman

…the very first day when I met my roommate for the first time. I asked her to get Campion with me and we ate pizza; it was the start of a beautiful friendship. -Kaitlyn Patterson

…when Immaculée Ilibagiza came to campus to speak about her life experiences and faith journey. -Luke Malanga

…freshman year when my friends, Sam Henry, ’19, and Mary Kate Tysiak, ’19, told me they were moving in from LaFarge Student Residence to McShain Hall. I was so excited because I lived there.                         -Kellie O’Brien

…taking photos at the St. Joe’s men’s basketball game for the first time. Being on the court with the players and fans was so exciting and rewarding. -Madison Auer

…the snow storm of January 2016. It was the first time I had seen so much snow and seeing all the students with their makeshift sleds was the best thing. -Joey Toczylowski

…the Christmas dinner in Campion, because it’s a rare occasion when the food is good and the dining hall is decorated. -Amy Ferrigno

…the first weekend I went out with a group of people that I can now say with complete conviction are some of my best friends. -Mike Zito

…meeting Cheryl LaFleur, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, when she came to St. Joe’s and talked about environmental ethics. -Jarrett Hurms


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